Why become a host?

No special facilities are needed; hosting and being listed in the guide does not cost money. Only the ground needs to be flat (more or less), level (more or less) and firm, but that's about it!
Simply offer an overnight parking place free of charge to a tourist in a motorhome or camper and join over 200 Spanish companies enjoying an increased influx of travelers from all over Europe. Travelers are not obliged to buy but now in our 14th year, we know that the vast majority do; after all, buying products is much more rewarding than paying a camping fee!

Why motorhomes and campers?

There are more than 90.000 motorhomes and/or campers registered in Spain and more than 2 million throughout Europe, their owners are mostly retired or semi-retired people, who enjoy traveling all year round, exploring off-the-beaten-track trails and tasting local products.
Since 2008, thousands of motorhome owners from all over Europe have enjoyed using España Discovery, introducing adventurous and curious tourists to vineyards, farms, olive oil mills, traditional restaurants, museums and the like. We will be happy to add you to our next book.

It's very simple.
You must never charge for parking. This requirement is the most important of all. The retribution will always be more important and greater if you sell your products and charge for them or for the services you offer. Travelers know that every host has something to offer and they always appreciate the welcome by buying products directly or paying for visits, tastings or tasting of products or traditional gastronomy.