Aires Camping-Car Europe 10th Edition
Aires Camping-Car Europe 10th Edition
Aires Camping-Car Europe 10th Edition
Aires Camping-Car Europe 10th Edition
Aires Camping-Car Europe 10th Edition
Aires Camping-Car Europe 10th Edition
Aires Camping-Car Europe 10th Edition

Aires Camping-Car Europe 10th Edition

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Aires Camping-Car Europe 10th Edition, guide written in French.

Aires Camping-Car Europe is the French version of Camperstop Europe.

This guide offers an excellent overview of areas or stages in almost all of Europe.
Symbology, photos and GPS coordinates allow a perfect understanding of the contents of the guide.
The areas are for the exclusive use of motorhomes and campers. In these areas you can have service (water, emptying, some even have electricity), parking and overnight stay, often free of charge. Some areas may be located in idyllic locations, in picturesque villages or in suburbs of large cities.

Aires Camping-Car Europe 10th Edition.

-Aires Camping-Car 10th Edition Europe is published in A4 size.
-9580 areas in 30 countries in Europe.
Includes Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.
In addition: Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania.

30 countries in total!!!
France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Albania, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland.

Main features:
+Written in French
+743 pages in A4 format
+9580 areas in 30 countries.
+7751 photos of areas.
+GPS coordinates for each area.

How to use Aires Camping-Car Europe 10th Edition.

The Aires Camping-Car Europe maps have been updated for this 10th edition.
The location of the 42 maps can still be found at the beginning of the guide.
Stopovers are identified in the guide with a red dot next to the name of the nearest town. Areas can be searched in the alphabetical index or in the regional sections for each country.

The listing of areas can be located through the index adjacent to the cartography or in the alphabetical index at the back of the book.
Both indexes include symbols next to the city name to show what type of area it is.
Information is provided for each country regarding driving regulations, road signs, emergency numbers, type of currency and some parking regulations.

The guide format indicates the street name and GPS coordinates in decimal format: N31.36297 W5.01915.
Brief instructions are then given, such as: "Parking at Marina or Parking next to the bus parking lot.
This is followed by opening hours, available spaces, prices and available services; the latter identified by symbols.

Additional information
Many stages contained in the guide also offer information on tourist attractions, such as museums, markets, landmarks, etc. At the same time you can find general comments about the city or the place where the area is located: "modern port city", "seaside resort with casino" or "ski slopes".

Overnight parking areas "tolerated"
The guide explains that: "In some countries, there is the concept of tolerated parking places. This means that parking/overnight is officially prohibited, but for some reason is being tolerated by the local authorities.
As long as you keep your camping items (tables, chairs, barbecues, etc.) inside your motorhome and do not park anywhere that is commenting on any infringements or contravening any laws, you are unlikely to be disturbed. Problems arise when a lot of motorhomes use or choose these "unofficial" spots at the same time and/or irrationally.