b-Roads Northern Italy
b-Roads Northern Italy
b-Roads Northern Italy
b-Roads Northern Italy
b-Roads Northern Italy
b-Roads Northern Italy
b-Roads Northern Italy
b-Roads Northern Italy

b-Roads Northern Italy

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Northern Italy on board your Motorhome or Camper written in SPANISH!
Motorhome and camper travel guide written in Spanish.
Discover Northern Italy through 14 routes that will allow you to enjoy the best corners of Northern Italy: Dolomites, Tuscany, Aosta and Venosta valleys, great lakes, Veneto and Cinque Terre... aboard your motorhome or camper, with information on what to see, where to park and spend the night, thanks to the data obtained "in situ" by the editorial team.
Guide written in Spanish, unique in its kind. There is no better information material for travelers in motorhomes or campers of this quality in Spain. The compiled information has been obtained by the editors in situ.

The details of each point reported - in the 14 proposed routes - allow you to travel with total certainty of finding the right information and the perfect overnight stay points to optimize your travel time.

Photographs, symbols and GPS coordinates facilitate the use of the guide.

During this tour of Northern Northern Italy you will be able to enjoy magnificent locations, such as the Aosta Valley, the Gran Paradiso, Lake Maggiore, the Cinque Terre, Tuscany, the province of Siena, Lake Garda, the Veneto region, with Venice and the Veneto islands, the Belluno Dolomites, South Tyrol, the Trentino Dolomites and the Venosta Valley.

14 reasons why you should visit Northern Italy with this guide:

Aosta Valley
Natural Park
Gran Paradiso
Lake Maggiore
Cinque Terre
Jewels of Tuscany
Province of Siena
Lake Garda
Jewels of Veneto
Veneto Islands
Belluno Dolomites
South Tyrol
Trentino Dolomites
Val di Venosta


The Northern Italy guide includes route maps as well as GPS locations of the nearest motorhome service areas or parking lots, so that you can travel comfortably with your motorhome or camper, with practical information on where to empty or where to stay overnight.

"Italyis a country with an incredible tourist and natural heritage, and this makes a trip in a motorhome or camper a truly sensational experience, as we can enjoy countless monuments, postcard lakes, such as Carezza or Braies, and large mountain ranges, such as Dolomites, included in the World Heritage List of Unesco, as well as world famous cities like Venice, Florence or Verona, where we can learn the story of Romeo and Juliet ".