Enviromental tourism

Please keep in mind: 

The concept of España Discovery is to be environmentally friendly and observant of the rules of appropriate conduct in all areas. 

Our host winemakers and agricultural producers are welcoming us to their facilities and introducing us to their produce. Please note that this experience is new for them too. Our hosts do not charge us for spending the night in their facilities, so we must always maintain the good manners of a welcome guest. 

The hosts are also members of the community España Discovery but do not know you personally and for security reasons you will be asked to show the España Discovery Guide for this year. This guarantees that you are members of the scheme and that you have read and accepted the Code of Conduct.


The operating structure of España Discovery does not require you to book places on the vineyards or farms (unless indicated otherwise).

The stops included in España Discovery are safe parking areas - they are 
not the equivalent of a campsite or service area. Never empty liquids of any type in places not enabled for it. 

Comply with all points of our Code of Conduct. 

We want to promote and strengthen the concept of environmentally responsible motorhome users in Spain and at the same time generate the momentum necessary to continue opening new stops in the rest of Spain. 

Yours sincerely, 

Team España Discovery.